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About LPEQ

LPEQ was founded to engage with investors to deepen understanding of the key investment considerations when looking to invest in the private equity sector. LPEQ is also a platform bringing together its members to share knowledge and best practice.

LPEQ upholds and promotes best practices in the long-term interests of the LPE sector as a whole. LPEQ was founded in 2006 as an initiative to raise understanding of private equity investment trusts, primarily in the UK.

It has since developed into an international organisation with listed private equity members across Europe, and engages with investors and other stakeholders worldwide. We are governed by a board of directors that includes managers of member vehicles, representatives from the executive and an independent chairman. 


Our Principles

1. Alignment of interest between manager, vehicle and underlying shareholders.

2. Transparent, accurate and useful reporting.

3. Respect for shareholders' rights and engaged investor relations.