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Spice Private Equity Ltd


Spice Private Equity Ltd is a Swiss investment company with exclusive focus on private equity investments in emerging markets.

Spice Private Equity Ltd has over a decade of operating history and is managed by GP Advisors, part of the GP Investments Group.

Spice Private Equity is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the ticker symbol "SPCE" and is traded daily.

  • Direct/Funds-of-funds manager, Swiss-listed
  • Investment focus: Europe
  • Deal focus: LBO 
  • Market cap: €118m

Manager Overview

The investment objective of Spice Private Equity Ltd and its subsidiary Spice Private Equity (Bermuda) Ltd is to achieve long-term capital growth for shareholders by investing in privately held operating companies ("Direct Investments") and in privately held specialised funds ("Fund Investments") with the main geographic focus on emerging markets. Spice Private Equity is sector agnostic and targets a deal size of USD 5-15 million. The investments will be diversified among fund managers, geographical regions, economic sectors and stages.