Dinamia Capital Privado SCR, SA.

Direct manager: Madrid-listed member

Established in 1997, Dinamia Capital Privado SCR, SA. is the first listed private equity investment company in Spain and invests in companies with headquarters in Spain and Portugal. The company is managed by N+1 Private Equity SGECR, SA., which started the activity at the beginning of the 90’s and in total manages funds above €650 million. Since 2002, Dinamia has been able to invest in a wider range of opportunities as N+1 Private Equity raises private equity funds to co-invest with Dinamia.

Dinamia invests in companies with an enterprise value ranging from €50 to €300 million, making equity investments between €15 and €40 million per deal. Dinamia searches for companies in the top quartile in their sector or those operating in specialised market niches. Its diversified portfolio is orientated towards service businesses, healthcare and technology, but it considers any sector except for financial services and real estate.

It operates through taking control or majority stakes in leveraged buyouts, spin-offs or growth transactions. Dinamia specialises in buy and build investments in the Spanish midmarket.

Dinamia raised €40 million through an ordinary shares rights issue at the end of December 2009 and it has more than €60 million in cash at September 2010 for new investments.

Dinamia’s overriding goal is to provide its shareholders with a tax efficient opportunity for investment in a diversified portfolio of unlisted companies, combined with the transparency and liquidity benefits of investing in a listed vehicle. It seeks to achieve attractive long-term returns for shareholders. Dinamia has paid out an annual dividend since 1999.

Dinamia Capital Privado SCR SA